Book Review Services

Book Review Services

Are you looking to have your book reviewed?

Dozens of my book reviews on Goodreads have received compliments and appreciation for my honesty and helpfulness. One of the things readers have mentioned the most is how much they appreciate the content advisories I've added to my reviews in the last couple of years.

If you're interested in having me review your book, please carefully read the following:

I review Christian or clean general market books, fiction or nonfiction. Please do not inquire about my reviewing books including expletives, profanity, sexual scenes, graphic violence, same-gender relationships, transgender issues, etc. Books containing these issues will be rejected.

My reviews are always honest. Whether I enjoy your book or struggle through it, my honest thoughts will be poured into my review in the kindest way possible while informing potential readers of any content issues I find. I use a five-star rating system, identical to the one found on Goodreads.

The length of my reviews will be at least three paragraphs of 5-7 sentences, not including the FTC* disclosure, which must appear at the beginning** of my reviews.

Both a PDF and a physical copy of the book should be sent in for review. The PDF allows me to start reading on the earliest possible date, and the physical copy serves as a small portion of the payment rate (see below price chart). The only exception to this is if a book is only being released in ebook format. In that case, a Kindle copy of the book should be sent in lieu of the physical copy.

Payment is due in full upon receipt of the Paypal invoice I will send once dates are agreed upon.

For examples of my book reviews, please look below the price chart on this page. I have listed some of my best reviews (positive and negative reviews) for your perusal so that you may see if my review style is what you are looking for.

The sites I post my book reviews on are my blog (Writing to Inspire), Amazon, CFD, Barnes and Noble, and Goodreads. The date for my review of your book to appear on my blog will possibly be different than that of its appearance on the other sites, due to my only posting blog articles (including reviews) on Mondays, and I might already have something scheduled for that particular date. I will fit it into my blog schedule at the earliest possible opportunity.

All review links available (some sites don't provide links for specific reviews) will be sent to you as soon as they become available. This will serve as proof of my work.

Please direct any questions or requests for book reviews to Andrea Cox at Include Book Review Inquiry in the subject line of your e-mail please.

For inquiry, please send the back-cover copy, page count (from the PDF document AND from the paperback copy [or from the Kindle copy, if the book is only releasing in ebook format]), title, genre, and release date of the book to the above e-mail address.

Only if your book is accepted for review, the PDF version of your book and an author headshot picture (to be used in my blog review) should be sent to the above e-mail address. The physical copy of the book should then be mailed as soon as possible, to reach me within six to eight weeks. (The address for this will be provided during our correspondence.)

The format for your book within the PDF document should be Times New Roman, 12-point font; double-spaced line setting; and each chapter (including prologue and epilogue [when applicable]) should start on a new page.

I reserve the right to decline any book without giving a reason.

I do not offer refunds.

*FTC stands for Federal Trade Commission.
**I recently learned this, so it will not be reflected in my reviews prior to September 3, 2017, in which they have been placed at the end of my reviews.

Price Chart

Novella or shorter (up to 150 pages)          $25.00 + 1 physical copy of the book
Novel (between 151 and 400 pages)           $40.00 + 1 physical copy of the book
Epic (over 400 pages)                                   $60.00 + 1 physical copy of the book

The shipping costs of mailing the book to me will not be reimbursed. This cost is part of the sender's responsibility.

The physical copy of the book should be mailed out as soon as possible after your book is accepted for review. It should reach me within six to eight weeks.

No refunds.

Timeline for Reviews

I will need the following amount of time to read and review your book:

Novella or shorter (up to 150 pages)          2 weeks
Novel (between 151 and 400 pages)           4 weeks
Epic (over 400 pages)                                   6 weeks

If any emergency happens on my end, the timeline for my review to be posted might be adjusted. If this occurs, I will let you know as soon as possible. Thank you for understanding.

Examples of Book Reviews

Here are some of my book reviews (both positive and negative). The year of my review and number of stars I gave the book are listed in parentheses. Links for my review on Goodreads and my blog, Writing to Inspire, (when available) are provided on the same line as the title.

Note: Some of these reviews are not in the three-paragraph format. However, as stated earlier, the one I write for your book will be in at least three paragraphs of 5-7 sentences.

The Heart Between Us (2018; 4 stars)                                Goodreads     Blog
Before We Were Yours (2018; 4 stars)                                Goodreads     
The Melody of the Soul (2018; 4 stars)                                Goodreads     Blog
Saving Amelie (2018; 4 stars)                                               Goodreads     
Remembering You (2018; 4 stars)                                        Goodreads     Blog
Counted with the Stars (2017; 4 stars)                                Goodreads     
Dear Mr. Knightley (2016; 4 stars)                                      Goodreads 
London Tides (2016; 2 stars)                                                 Goodreads
The Cactus Creek Challenge (2016; 4 stars)                       Goodreads 
Falling Like Snowflakes (2016; 3 stars)                              Goodreads 
Hearts Made Whole (2017; 1 star)                                        Goodreads 
The Art of Losing Yourself (2017; 2 stars)                          Goodreads 
The Lady and the Lionheart (2017; 4 stars)                       Goodreads 
Bringing Maggie Home (2017; 5 stars)                               Goodreads     Blog
Wish You Were Here (2013; 5 stars)                                    Goodreads     Blog 
Love Finds You in Glacier Bay, Alaska (2013; 5 stars)    Goodreads     Blog