Monday, January 23, 2017

Be My Guest: Jessica Freeman

by Andrea Renee Cox

Poetry isn't a medium I think about very often, because I am more drawn to manuscripts and screenplays, but poetry is fascinating in its own right. I am excited to host Jessica Freeman, who chats about how modern-day poetry remains relevant today.

New Ways to Treat Modern Poetry
by Jessica Freeman

For those who appreciate genuine inspiration as the initial point for creating poetry, the presentation of poetry through books is simply… not enough. Yes, you can publish a collection of poems and allow your readers to respond after processing the poetry through their own filter of emotions. However, the modern era gives you many other ways to express poetry. It would be a shame to limit yourself to print.

Courtesy of Jessica Freeman

Why isn’t modern poetry suitable for paper? What makes it so different?

Monday, January 16, 2017

Martin Luther King Jr.

by Andrea Renee Cox

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. day! May we always remember to do what is right no matter who tries to stand against us. I like that Dr. King spoke for freedom in a peaceful way. I think the world could use more of that style of progression even now. But it begins with each of us.

Monday, January 9, 2017

One Word 2017

by Andrea Renee Cox

For many years now, I’ve seen One Word floating around on various blogs. It’s a movement to focus on one word per year rather than do resolutions. I was not interested in this movement because it seemed restricting. Only one word for an entire year? Wouldn’t that limit what God could do if I only focused on one word?

Well, this year, before seeing anyone’s blog about it, One Word floated through my mind in a new way. I’ve been struggling with focus lately, and the more I thought about One Word, the more it made sense for this particular year. Perhaps that singular focus is exactly what I need in 2017.

So I’ve jumped into One Word. I’m not really sure how to do it, but I trust that, since God’s brought me to it, He will show me the way through it. He has already shown me how to choose my word for the year. I had been praying over a few different words when a completely different one came into my mind. I quickly realized that was the way God was giving me the word He wants me to focus on.

Therefore, my One Word for 2017 is…

Monday, January 2, 2017

Setting Goals

by Andrea Renee Cox

Can you believe it’s 2017 already?

It’s a bit hard to imagine, but it is that time of year again. Time to crack open a new calendar. To eat black-eyed peas (if you’re into that; they aren’t to my liking and I don’t buy into the superstition of the tradition). And to make new year’s resolutions.

I stopped making resolutions probably fifteen years ago. I never saw them through. Most of the years, I barely made it two weeks. Of course, I was a teenager at the time and hadn’t yet developed good follow-through skills.

Monday, December 26, 2016

Favorite Books of 2016

by Andrea Renee Cox

Did you have a merry Christmas? My family certainly did. I chose to simply enjoy it rather than take pictures. In a social-media world, it's sometimes pleasant to slip away from technology for awhile and live in the moment instead of try to capture it.

Would you rather capture moments to savor for later or enjoy them as they come along?

This year was a huge reading year for me. I completed my thirty-fifth copyediting job in only three years, and on top of that, I read over ninety books in my spare time. These are a few of my favorite discoveries during 2016:

Monday, December 19, 2016

Be My Guest: Lindsay Harrel + GIVEAWAY

by Andrea Renee Cox

I'm excited to host Lindsay Harrel today. Her debut book, One More Song to Sing, released earlier this month, and, y'all, I just know you're going to love it. And I cannot wait to see what other stories this lovely lady will bring us in the years to come. Stay tuned to the very end, because Lindsay is offering a paperback giveaway of her debut book.

Somehow, We Find a Way
By Lindsay Harrel

One of the biggest challenges I’ve faced in my career is finding the time to write.

I remember the moment I decided to write a novel: I was in the first semester of my master’s degree program, taking a course on fiction writing. It awakened in me the desire I’d had since childhood, the one I’d stuffed away and deemed impractical, full of too much competition. But the desire took hold and wouldn’t let go.

So then and there, I made a decision. I would write a novel when I was done with my master’s degree program.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Waiting for Wonder by Marlo Schalesky - Blog Tour + Giveaway!

by Andrea Renee Cox


Not the easiest thing to do. I’m not sure anyone would call it their favorite thing. But even in the fast-food and social-media era we live in, waiting is a necessary thing.

I’ve struggled with impatience my entire life. Over the years, I’ve prayed for patience, going against advice from lots of different people. But asking God for patience was something He had asked me to do, so I followed through. And He followed through. He’s faithful like that, you know. If we ask for something in accordance to His will, He is faithful to give it to us. I’m walking proof of that now.

The timing of reading Waiting for Wonder by Marlo Schalesky could only be God-ordained. He sent me this book as confirmation that what He’d been teaching me through my tutoring and editing jobs, as well as my personal growth, was that patience truly is a virtue and one worth asking for. It’s a gift worth fighting for. Yes, it’s a fight. To tame that impatience within our souls. To learn to rely on God’s guidance and especially His timing.