Monday, June 27, 2016

Be My Guest: Melissa Tagg

by Andrea Renee Cox
You might have noticed that my guest spot got delayed a week. That's because I was so busy working on an editing deadline that I forgot to send out a reminder to my friend Melissa Tagg. Oops! Thankfully, she was cool with having an extra few days to work on her article. So now, here is the author of new release Like Never Before (see my review here).
What I Learned From Logan
by Melissa Tagg
Sooo… I’ve been a little less than subtle about my relentless love for the main character in my latest release, Like Never Before. The guy’s name is Logan Walker. (This is where I would normally insert like a bazillion heart emojis, but I’m trying to hold back. Lol!)
There are a lot of things I love about this character:
   His listening abilities
   His almost intense love for his family, especially his daughter, and his sincere desire to do right by them
   His honesty about his wobbly faith
   His simple kindness

Logan is not the quippiest or tallest or strongest or showiest hero I’ve ever written. (Although, I would argue that the dude who portrays him on the cover of the book is by far the most, ahem, adorable of all my hero models.) But he is very much the most… something. I can’t even really put into words why I connected with this character so much.

Though I do know the connection I feel with fictional Logan Walker is at least in part due to a life journey we went on together last year... 

Monday, June 20, 2016

Finding Me by Kathryn Cushman

by Andrea Renee Cox

"Wounded people tend to create more wounded people."
~Finding Me by Kathryn Cushman

After Kelli discovered her father had lied about her past, she travels across the country to see the family she never knew she had. But will the trials of the past cast a shadow over the present and tear apart the future?

The journey Kelli took in Finding Me got me thinking about healing. What if we didn't continue the damaging trends that have plagued our genealogy? One of my goals, even prior to reading this book, is to identify negative trends in my past and eradicate them. This will take persistent prayer and dedication, not to mention acute focus. But the joys and blessings that are certain to pour out upon future generations are more than enough motivation to drive me forward on this journey.

Monday, June 13, 2016

What's On Your Summer Reading List?

by Andrea Renee Cox

What’s on your summer reading list?

There are so many good books releasing this summer. The only thing that saddens me about that is that my schedule is keeping me too busy to enjoy all of them. Here are a few that I’m really excited about. Be sure to let me know in the comment section which books have you eager to read during these hot months of the year.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Apologies and Adventures

by Andrea Renee Cox

My dear friends, I owe you an apology. This article is late! I don't remember the last time I've forgotten to get a blog article ready.

Last week, my family and I went on a small vacation for a little R & R. It was fun. One of those trips where people are more important than pictures.

We went on nature trails, even though it was raining. Hello, umbrellas! Thankfully, my mom had packed three umbrellas, so she and my dad shared one and my sister and I each took one. My foot might have slipped on a tree root or two, but the journey was an adventure with beautiful surroundings and a wonderful pitter-pat sort of soundtrack. Don't worry. There was no lightning.