Monday, July 27, 2015

Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Beth K. Vogt

by Andrea Renee Cox

If you’re looking for a new series to read, you won’t want to miss the Destination Wedding series by Beth K. Vogt. It kicks off with the sweet novella, Can’t Buy Me Love (see my review). It continues in Crazy Little Thing Called Love, which ramps up the (mis)adventure you would expect in a series that features travel and weddings.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Be My Guest: Kristy Cambron ***Giveaway***

by Andrea Renee Cox

Friends, it is my dear pleasure to host Kristy Cambron today. She and I have only recently become acquainted online (see her Facebook and blog links after the article), but we have already learned much about each other's hearts. I'm glad she's sharing a part of hers with us. As you will see, she has such an inner beauty that could only come from God. May her heart -- and God's -- bless you in your journey.

Kristy sent her article to me in italic print, and as I was reading it, I realized that it should remain that way. It lends itself well to the topic of "whisper moments." In fact, I found myself whispering the words instead of reading them aloud at a normal tone, as I do with all my guests' articles.

Whisper Moments with God
by Kristy Cambron

It was the second time in little more than a year that I’d walked into an ICU room to pray with someone who was nearing death.

Courtesy of Kristy Cambron via Dollar Photo Club
The first time? That was with my Dad. We lost him to leukemia thirteen days after he’d been admitted for a relapse of cancer. But this time was… different. It was a life experience curve ball that was completely unexpected. This trip to a quiet ICU room was for a friend whom I’d only met a few weeks before. She and I sat at the same Bible study table on Tuesday mornings. We shared struggles. Prayers. Moments of studying the Word of which I will never forget. And she was supposed to be at the next Bible study this fall. Instead, she was going to meet our Jesus for real.  

Monday, July 13, 2015

Friends for Life

by Andrea Renee Cox

When I was growing up, my family lived out in the country and had few neighbors. My only playmate was my sister; we quickly learned how to get along well and have been the closest of friends ever since. Once I was in school, I made friends, but none were close enough to call “best friend.” Switching schools a few times didn’t help, and neither did being really shy. So I’ve wondered practically my whole life what having close friends (other than my sister) would look like.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Reservations for Two by Hillary Manton Lodge

by Andrea Renee Cox

Sometimes a long wait is very much worth it. The second installment of Hillary Manton Lodge’s Two Blue Doors trilogy proved that to be true. Reservations for Two is a delectable tale of sweet romance, hearty recipes, and family mysteries that span several generations. Plus, it has a stunning cover that I’d love to slip into for a while.