Monday, May 27, 2019

Characters Who... Get Married in the Story

For June's reading challenge, we'll be getting in the mood for weddings!

This month, we'll be reading stories in which weddings take place. They could be traditional church weddings, destination weddings, outdoor weddings, beach weddings... The list really could be limitless. Have fun with it!

Remember to share what type of wedding it was (see above list for examples) when you post your books.

Happy wedding hunting... er, reading!

Monday, May 20, 2019

On a Summer Tide by Suzanne Woods Fisher

If you're looking for the next #LessonsLearned article, you're in the right place. That article was supposed to be today. However, due to the back pain I've been in all last week, I am taking a break from the Lessons Learned blog series, as it requires more study time than my physical pain will allow me to pursue right now.

Instead, may I present my review for Suzanne Woods Fisher's new book, On a Summer Tide, which I recently enjoyed reading.

FTC Disclosure: Revell Reads gave me a complimentary copy of this book. A positive review was not required. These are my honest opinions.

What a lovely way to kick off the Three Sisters Island series! This book was a breath of fresh air that raised the stakes of the plot in every chapter. It’s definitely one to learn from, if you’re a writer.

The ensemble cast was superb. Some I hated, plenty I loved, and many surprised me. I loved the idea of sisters struggling to figure out how their lives fit together to make the puzzle of their family come out right. This was totally realistic, as I know from having a sister of my own. We may not always understand each other on every aspect of our lives, but we respect each other and love each other always. I think that same concept was well represented in this book and brought a unique specialness to the story.

Themes of family, forgiveness, faith, trust, and rebuilding a legacy were exquisitely displayed throughout. Each one was explored by multiple characters, in their own ways. That’s what made this story spectacular. Every character, including the island itself, were allowed space to breathe and be itself and react to the others. It was like watching the tide shift from low to high, how the waves crash into their neighbors until their stories become one. Very lovely indeed.

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Always Hope

Hey, friends. I’m having a bit of a rough time right now. My back locked up over the weekend. However, as hard as this trial is (and for a person with a low pain tolerance, it’s super hard), it will not defeat me, because I stand (or lay down, in this case, to rest my back) with God. He is my Strength, my Hope for a pain-free someday.

If I feel up to it later in the week, I’ll be sending out another article, the one I had planned for today but don’t have energy to sit up to type on my computer (I’m doing a quick job of this one on my phone).

In the meantime, I was determined that this would not be my first Monday in over five years that my blog would go unposted.

But what to say?

Then I wondered what it is I need right now (other then zero pain when I wake up tomorrow).


Hope that this trial will not be forever. Hope that my future looks a lot brighter than this moment. Hope that my tears of exhaustion and pain and frustration will turn into peals of laughter and joy (once laughing doesn’t hurt so much).


Yes, let us always hope.

Because Jesus is the King of hope. He gives it to us every day, but we have to choose to see it. So in those little pops in my back, I see that hope. In the brief moments when my pain is less, I see it. And in thinking of you, dear friends, I see hope.

Until next time, and beyond, please join me in hoping for bright tomorrows.

Monday, May 6, 2019

Contemplate a Verse

This weekend zoomed right past me without leaving much time for blogging. (Life happened. What can I say?)

So instead of pushing myself to write and post two articles this Sunday evening (it's currently nearly 9:30 p.m. on Sunday night as I'm typing this up), I'm borrowing something from my other article (found here) to share with you here at Writing to Inspire today.

Here's a verse I'm contemplating this week:

Which verse are you thinking about as you go through the work week?

Help me celebrate the U.S. Military in May's reading challenge!