Monday, September 29, 2014

September 2014 Movie Wrap-Up

By Andrea Renee Cox

September means back to school, which of course means tutoring started back up this month. It began with a trickle of students, but now my schedule is filling up. God’s blessings are bountiful, and I’m very grateful. To be able to work from home is one my greatest blessings right now, and this allows me time to watch more movies. Here are a few of my favorites from this month.


When the Game Stands Tall

What happens when the longest winning streak in sports history gets broken?

The true story of De La Salle High School football team’s 151 straight wins over 12 years, and the subsequent season of trials, might just be the greatest sports movie of all time. The way Coach Bob Ladouceur coached his boys with a faith-first method really struck me as genius. He wasn’t as concerned with winning as he was building up great character within each of his team members so they’d be able to live the rest of their lives honoring God. I’d say this world definitely needs more people like Coach Ladouceur.

Readers, what’s your favorite sports movie and why?

Dolphin Tale 2

This based-on-a-true-story movie picks up on the story of tail-less dolphin, Winter, a few years after Sawyer Nelson helped rescue her. Now in high school, Sawyer must decide between continuing to work with Dr. Clay Haskett at the Clearwater Marine Hospital, or accept the opportunity of a lifetime, which would take him away from his mom and marine hospital family—including Winter—for three months. His decision becomes further complicated when Winter’s surrogate mother passes away, leaving her alone and depressed. Will the Clearwater crew be able to find another female to team Winter up with before the USDA regulations officer demands Winter be moved to another aquarium?

The first Dolphin Tale film was a delightful story for the entire family, and Dolphin Tale 2 follows that style perfectly. I was glad to see the entire cast had returned. Such continuity makes following movie series more enjoyable because you get to see the youngest actors in them grow up before your eyes. Plus, you don’t have to get used to different actors in the roles you came to love so swiftly the first time around. I especially enjoyed learning more about Winter’s journey at the Clearwater Marine Hospital, and the people who take care of the animals there. The love they have for each other really comes through in this film.

Readers, what is it about based-on-real-life stories that keeps you coming back for more?


October Sky

Yet another based-on-real-life movie (this trend made itself apparent to me quite early in the month), October Sky is about Homer Hickam, who was inspired by the launch of Sputnik 1 in 1957, to take up rocketry. Despite his coal miner father’s wishes for him to follow in his footsteps, Homer and three of his friends build and launch rockets, learning from their mistakes along the way. Several members of their hometown of Coalwood, West Virginia, encouraged and helped them through the process, none more enthusiastically than their science teacher, Miss Riley. Did they overcome the odds and find a way out of Coalwood? Or did incidents outside their control send them down to the coal mine after all?

This movie was filmed in 1999 and starred Jake Gyllenhaal before he was a household name. The entire cast is great, including Chris Cooper as Homer’s dad and Laura Dern (also in When the Game Stands Tall) as Miss Riley. The story is one that sticks with me long after I watch it … every time I watch it. If you haven’t seen this one, I recommend you find a copy and soon! It makes me cry every time, which I assure you is a good thing. Plus, they tell you what became of the boys at the end of the movie.

Readers, do you dream big? Who has encouraged you to go after your dreams?

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Dora Wagner said...

I really enjoyed "We are Marshall" and "Remember the Titans." Both great sports movies and both based on true stories. These both rank, in my opinion, along side "Rudy" and "Hoosiers," which are both classics in the genre. I think all of these movies really give the audience the ability to step inside the world, in which it takes place, and feel with the main characters, as well as those in the background "watching" the history unfold. While, I will admit that most of movie going enjoyment is spent on animated features or romantic comedies, sometimes, it really nice to take a step back into the past and look how far we have come.

Andrea Cox said...

Dora, I agree. All those movies you mentioned are wonderful and give so much more than just the "game". "When the Game Stands Tall" is right up there with all of those. I also enjoyed "Miracle", although it's a different sport altogether (hockey). It carries the same feel as all those football movies, as does the basketball movie, "Glory Road".

Thanks for visiting my blog today!